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Default Line

July 27th, 2011  |  by  |  published in Featured, Shoot

If you’re like me, you shoot your photos in raw format… so there’s also a pretty good chance you use Adobe Lightroom for processing your images. You might even have started using Lightroom because of its reputation for making processing workflow faster. In that vein, this week I’d like to talk about a Lightroom feature that I use every day on every image I shoot. A feature so efficient I’d nearly forgotten I was using it! A feature unexcitingly called Camera Defaults.

You’ve probably noticed that when you open an image in Lightroom’s Develop module, many of the settings are already chosen for you. These are Lightroom’s default settings.

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On Bravery

July 20th, 2011  |  by  |  published in Featured, Shoot

Some of my favorite photos are from the moments before the ceremony between the father and the bride. The hustle and bustle has come and gone – the father peeks over at his daughter, about to walk down the aisle to her new life.

In order to get those last moments, when nobody remains but the father and daughter, I have to let go of the shot of the bridal party walking, one by one, down the aisle. I have to sacrifice the photo from the front of the father and bride walking down the aisle.

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Have You Hugged Your Clients Today?

July 13th, 2011  |  by  |  published in Featured, Shoot

“How tight are you with your wedding clients and vendors?” This is the BIG question that I’ve been asking myself when hearing about struggling businesses.

The not so surprising answer has been a resounding – “Not so tight. I don’t like to mix business with pleasure. Once the contract is up, I’m on to the next one. It takes too much time. They live too far away to matter for referrals. They were difficult, why would I keep contact? They don’t scratch MY back, why should I do them any favors? I can’t waste the money.” Etc…. etc…. Not one of those sound valid enough to excuse the loss of referrals that these businesses are losing out on.

My #1, hands down, absolute favorite way to get new clients is through people I have already worked for, whether they are current clients or vendors. They know what to expect! *Note how I don’t call them PAST clients, because that finalizes our relationship. They’re not “past” if they come back for portraits, or if I photograph the bride again as the bridesmaid in another wedding. Many of my wedding clients come return with their little ones on vacation, and book a session every summer. I WANT them to come back.

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Destination Weddings Part Two: Backup and Storage on the Road

July 6th, 2011  |  by  |  published in Featured, Shoot

We have important jobs.  No, we’re not saving the world, but we are creating images that will be treasured forever from a once-in-a-lifetime event.  Hopefully you all have a wonderful backup solution for your files at home.  But with all of the natural disasters in the news, do you have an off-site backup?  And what if you are traveling?  How will you backup your files while you are on the road, especially if shipping the images somewhere is impossible or undesirable?  May is the end of my destination wedding season and I’m on the road again this month (on vacation this time– hiking in the Alps!), so this issue is buzzing around my brain more than usual. It would be devastating to lose the thousand or so (yes, you read that number correctly) family photographs that I have taken (so far!) from theft, computer damage, camera damage, etc, and I don’t want to lose any changes that I have made to my clients’ images, either (although those are safely archived at home).

Here is my strategy for dealing with backups and storage while photographing destination weddings (or while I’m on vacation!):

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