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Andree is a fun Bethel Maine Wedding Photographer, who specializes in contemporary photojournalism. She eats shoots and leaves.




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A Day in the Life Assignment Series winner

Thanks to all who participated in our winter assignment series A Day in the Life! All of the entries really illustrated the theme, it was so fun seeing everyone’s days! Our Grand prize goes to Kevin Couture for his submission featuring a man panning for gold. Such an interesting way to spend the day! Kevin […]

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A Day in the Life

  Our newest assignment for you is “DITL!”! A DITL is a “Day in the Life”, whatever that means to you. Winner receives a six month trial membership to RPG keys, a fantastic hardware/software combo that increases image processing productivity (among other things) by the power of a million. Prize is non-transferable and has no […]

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Sexy Business Workshop review

by Andree Kehn I have never dreaded going to a workshop more. Numbers, money, identity. I would rather poke a stick in my eye than reveal my finances in front of six strangers. And then we were supposed to come up with “why” people should hire me? For real? I know who I want to […]


Panache Assignment Series winner!

This past assignment was fabulous, it drew entries more varied and sensational that any previous assignment we have run. Great job everyone, and a big Thank You for playing!! For the first time ever we have had a hands down SWEEP of first second and third place by a single person. This gal knows panache! […]

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Lightroom Export Trick

~by Andree Kehn I am as scattered as they come. After a couple of years of being in business I realized that I needed to standardize my client folders so that I wouldn’t lose my mind. I created a client folder template that lives on my hard drive, and eventually built automation into my Lightoom […]

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Putting Together a Model Shoot

If you have never worked with models before, you are missing out! It’s a great vehicle for practicing with new lighting gear or exploring new direction in your work. I love working with models to strengthening my boudoir portfolio. I won’t publish client images from boudoir sessions and model shoots give me images with which […]


Product Review- RPG keys

Consumed by image processing? You are not alone. If you live in New England, the time between Labor Day and your last wedding of the year is crazy-time… weddings double up, albums are being ordered, and you are fielding inquires for next year. If you are ever in the weeds in New England, this is […]

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Silhouette Assignment series winner

This months winner was a favorite with our judges (us). Greg Hinson won our grand prize, a $100 gift certificate from our sponsor ProDPI with his image of a paddler at sunset. Everything works in this photo. Excellent color, composition, motion, processing. We loved it!


Assignment Series: Silhouette

In this installment of our ever-popular assignment series, we bring you the phrase “Silhouette!” Your assignment is to illustrate the phrase “Silhouette”. This might be a photojournalistic exercise or an artistic construction. We leave it up to you to define the phrase and how you will interpret it. You are more than welcome to comb […]

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On Bravery

Some of my favorite photos are from the moments before the ceremony between the father and the bride. The hustle and bustle has come and gone – the father peeks over at his daughter, about to walk down the aisle to her new life. In order to get those last moments, when nobody remains but […]

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