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Earl is a Boston wedding photographer who finds love and magic and wonder in everything he shoots.




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Pinhole Egg Camera

Wondering what to do with all those eggs you have left over from Easter? Make some pinhole cameras!  

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Just My Type

The winter is here and if you’re like me, this is the time of year when you revisit your marketing materials. I’m currently looking at my brochures, price lists, web site and blog to see I need to update my branding. In these cold months I even start to wonder if my old logo needs […]

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Winter GTG and Tax Talk

For many of us this is the slow season and that usually means we’re feeling cooped up at home, cold from snow shoveling, and dreading the need to get our finances in order for taxes. Well ShootStyle’s here to help you with that. On January 25th we’re inviting everyone’s to join us for cocktails and fun at […]

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Mystic Seminars Photo Booth Images

The ShootStyle gang just got back from four days at one of our favorite photography conferences, Mystic Seminars. We love Mystic for both the world class education and the chance to network with other local, national, and international wedding photographers. This year we set up a photo booth outside the lounge after Saturday evening’s last seminar. […]

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Seems it’s not only iPhone users having issues

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Walk the Walk

One thing I almost invariably do at a wedding is to get a shot of the couple walking. At most weddings there’s a bunch of time spent getting from here to there: from the house to the ceremony, from the ceremony to the reception, from the reception to the spot where we’re going to be taking […]


Edit A Wedding In Three Hours Or Less

October is crunch time for my wedding photography so this week’s ShootStyle post is going to be short and sweet. In fact, brevity is really the underlying theme of what I’m going to discuss – editing a wedding. So what is an edit? In my workflow, editing a wedding is the process of getting from […]


Human Pac-Man

The t-shirt budget must’ve been enormous!

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Behind the Scenes at Reception Lighting Workshop

We want to send out a big thanks to everyone who attended Monday’s Rock Your Reception Lighting workshop at the Grand Ballroom of the Providence Biltmore Hotel this Monday. We really had had a fabulous time hanging with you all. At this workshop each ShootStyle member explained their individual approach to lighting receptions. As you […]

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Cat in the Box

More proof that cat toys are a waste of money.

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