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Jamison Wexler

Jamie is a Boston Wedding Photographer who believes every client is a rockstar.




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Quick, Easy, (and cheap) High Key Fashion Lighting for Fun & Profit

This post is a little different from my normal wedding posts, but this is the time of year I’m not shooting very many weddings.  It’s the off season, those golden months of leisure, where I get to sit around and never touch a camera…right?  Well that works, for a couple of weeks, but then I […]

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Assignment Series: Brrrrrrrr!

Our newest assignment for you is “Brrrrrrrr!!”! Your assignment is to show us your best images interpreting Brrrrrrrr!, whatever that means to you! This might be a photojournalistic exercise or an artistic construction. We leave it up to you to define the phrase and how you will interpret it. You are more than welcome to […]

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A Love Letter to My Favorite Lens

I am a strong proponent of the idea that it is the craftsman not the tools.  In fact, I’ve been trying for years to find a couple that would let me shoot their wedding with a Canon Digital Rebel and a kit lens, just test that theory.  But I would be lying if I didn’t […]


There’s a Baby in that Bathwater

When I photographed my first wedding in 2004, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. Well, OK, I did know which button to press on my camera to make it take a picture, and was OK at getting the exposure and composition I wanted, but when it came to the point in the […]

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It’s Called a Wedding PARTY for a Reason!

My primary goal during the time I have allotted for portraits at a wedding is to get a great variety for backgrounds and poses for the bride and groom. My secondary goal, is to get a great portrait or three of the bridal party together. And I don’t mean a photo of them all lined […]


Flash the Bride (She’ll Like It)!

The number one question I got from the awesome participants at last week’s Portraits with Panache seminar during the hands on shoot was:  Why do you have your flash on?  And it was a good question.  It was a cloudy day, and conventional wisdom is that cloudy days are wonderful for portraits because of the […]


Because the Night Belongs to Lovers

Photography…After Dark Being a photographer here in New England, we have to face the onset of night a lot earlier than other parts of the country…especially in the fall when the wedding season starts to come into full swing. Learning to take fun and creative portraits in the dark becomes a necessity. And that’s how […]


That’s My Bag, Baby!

Six different shooters, six different styles of shooting, and six different loadouts! This week, we give you an inside look at all of our wedding bags. So grab a drink, sit back, and unleash you inner gear nerd! Andree My gear bag varies from assignment to assignment and from wedding to wedding. But I have […]


The Running of the Brid(als)

Five Ls of the Modern Bridal Portrait In the classic wedding photography of yesteryear, the most important image that a photographer could create was the bridal portrait. You know the one…where your mom was aglow with a halo of softness, sporting the veiled headband and the puffy shoulder pads? In fact, before the photojournalism movement […]


Here Comes the Sun (and I say) It’s Alright…

I don’t know about you, but my nightmares tend to be about wedding photography.  I arrive at the wedding, only to discover that I have only brought a fisheye lens, or that I have forgotten all of my batteries, or my memory cards, or my pants!  Or the worse one of all, the bride and […]


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