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Michelle Turner

Michelle is a professional wedding photographer who splits time between Maine and Puerto Vallarta.




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Loosen Up!

In honor of the Posing and Composition workshop that I’m leading with Jamie Wexler next week, I wanted to talk a bit about some of the techniques that I use to get nervous couples to loosen up.  How many times have you been told by a perfectly lovely bride and groom, “Oh, we’re not photogenic […]

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In Love With Food…(photography, that is…)

I have posted a few times about the importance of capturing the details, but today I wanted to write about an oft-forgotten detail– the delicious, beautiful, oh-so-amazing food.  Take it from me, I can’t even remember what I ate at my wedding.  I do know that it was excellent (we hired a fabulous caterer) and […]

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Personalize It

I love weddings with details- ALL kinds of details- from ceremony seating to rings, shoes to favors, cars to flowers.  Personally, I believe that the details can really set the tone of the wedding.  After all, the style of the very first Save the Date card can tell you if the couple is planning a […]


Creation of the Silhouette

In honor of the ShootStyle assignment series this month (and this is the last day to enter, so pull out your silhouette images!), I wanted to post about how I create silhouette images for my clients.  There are several different ways to go about it, but today I will be sharing my method.  

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Destination Weddings Part Two: Backup and Storage on the Road

We have important jobs.  No, we’re not saving the world, but we are creating images that will be treasured forever from a once-in-a-lifetime event.  Hopefully you all have a wonderful backup solution for your files at home.  But with all of the natural disasters in the news, do you have an off-site backup?  And what […]

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Destination Weddings Part 1: Pack Your Bags!

I photograph approximately forty weddings per year, and almost all of them are destination weddings for the couple (the couple is traveling at least a few hundred miles from where they live to get married).  However, at least half of them are destination weddings for me, too- and I find myself flying over 100,000 miles […]


Basic Color Enhancements in Photoshop without Expensive Actions

  With all of the actions and presets that are commercially available, it would be easy to spend hundreds (if not thousands!) of dollars on a quest for the perfect post processing solution.  However, many photographers find that they tire of their actions after a short period of time or (even worse!) that their work […]


Getting Published: It’s All In the Details

Publication can be a wonderful thing for your business on many levels.  It can give you a chance to showcase a particularly beautiful wedding beyond the scope of your blog readership.  It can also put you on the radar of planners and event designers who may love your work enough to contact you and refer […]

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Brand Your Emails!

Almost any business guru will talk to you about the importance of branding.  However, while many of us have branded our websites, our blogs, and even our packaging, many of us ignore one of the most traversed avenues of communication with our clients: our emails.  Do HTML emails intimidate you?  Even your smartphone can handle […]


The Photo Booth!

Okay, I’ll admit it– I absolutely love it when my clients ask me to set up a photo booth during their wedding.  Why?  The photo booth adds a dash of fun and spontaneity to a reception and can give you coverage of interesting groups of people (random groups that you may not have put together […]

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