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Zofia is a Nantucket Wedding Photographer who combines style, love and art in everything she creates. She wants to be the girl with the most cake.




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Get in There!

Years and years ago, I had no confidence when it came to being in front of people at weddings. So, I hid behind my mom’s skirt and used photojournalism as a crutch. I would tell clients that I won’t be in their face, I won’t be obstructive, you won’t even know I’m there. I was […]


Facebook Cover Photo Assignment Series!

The new Timeline for FB pages is live. Love it? Hate it? We’re on the fence. But what we do know is that we need a Cover Photo!! Who’s up for the challenge? Submit your favorite spring themed photo and have it featured as our Cover Photo for the whole season! Props!! Where it will […]

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Shoot One Thing That Scares You

For those that consider yourselves a Jack of All Trades – this may not apply. Or rather – it should. You know who I’m talking about, the photographers whose list of “I specialize in” stretches from pet photography to sky scrapers to crime scenes. “I specialize in tree photography, boat photography, cat photography, sky diving […]

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There Is No Such Thing As A Photo Emergency

If you’re anything like me, you’re a workaholic, a control freak and a perfectionist. Ok, that might be harsh even on myself, but I think most small business owners can relate to not being able to shut off work when it’s necessary. This is especially hard to do for photographers because even those of us […]


Street Style Assignment Winners

We’re happy to announce the winners of our latest assignment series, Street Style! First place goes to Audra Medunitza-Welton. Her image of a person crossing an intersection, through a rainy window was made perfect by the 2 red lights.

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Assignment Series: Street Style

Our newest assignment for you is “Street Style!”! Your assignment is to show us your best images interpreting Street Style, whatever that means to you! This might be a photojournalistic exercise or an artistic construction. We leave it up to you to define the phrase and how you will interpret it. You are more than […]

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Have You Hugged Your Clients Today?

“How tight are you with your wedding clients and vendors?” This is the BIG question that I’ve been asking myself when hearing about struggling businesses. The not so surprising answer has been a resounding – “Not so tight. I don’t like to mix business with pleasure. Once the contract is up, I’m on to the […]

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Shoot What Matters, Take Your Time

I knew in hiring my favorite photographer for my own wedding a couple weeks ago, that I would not be disappointed in the outcome. I’m a huge fan of her style. That’s a severe understatement. I knew that I could trust her to do her job, to do it professionally, to not need direction, and […]

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Announcing the Portraits with Panache Workshop in Manchester, NH!

While wedding days are filled with exciting candid moments that are fun to capture, sometimes the portraits can be more of a challenge. In this workshop, ShootStyle members will take you through their favorite methods for creating great portraits. With a strong emphasis on composition and posing, workshop attendees will benefit from clear classroom instruction […]

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What Makes You Click?

I am nothing if not random. I get inspiration from so many sources. A few years ago, I dropped off the big forums and stopped reading other wedding photographer’s blogs. Shocking, I know! I decided to draw my inspiration from the sources I’ve loved all along; fashion magazines like W, Interview and Vanity Fair – […]


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