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Zofia is a Nantucket Wedding Photographer who combines style, love and art in everything she creates. She wants to be the girl with the most cake.




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Rock Your Reception Lighting 2, The Wrap Up!

Weathering impending storms and stomach bugs, we ShootStylers held our second reception lighting workshop in Worcester last week. The sold out affair was attended by a great group of photographers from New England and NY. We want to send out a HUGE thank you to all of our participants. It’s especially lovely to see repeat […]

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Anything but Digital

…. and your camera phone. As anyone with a Facebook account can attest to, more and more people are creating interesting images out of everyday mundane happenings with their phones, using such apps as ShakeIt, Hipstamatic, Camera+, etc. Personally, I think it’s great. I love having a pocket sized camera on me everywhere I go. […]


Raise Your Hand if You Want to Save Time

This is the season for marathon editing. My last wedding was October 23rd and I have a big gap til December 4th, to get really caught up. My nose is pointed at the keyboard 12 hours a day, with little breaks here and there. At least, that’s how it’s been in years past. I’ve finally […]

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RAW vs Jpg in Lightroom

DISCLAIMER : This is my 2c and experience. Nothing more. YMMV. I started writing this article as the old debate between RAW and Jpg and why I always have and always will shoot RAW. Kinda boring, right? Well, in playing around a bit, I found something pretty interesting. I took 4 RAW files and converted […]


New England Destination Weddings Tips

Many New England couples are thinking locally when choosing a destination for their wedding away from home. Cape Cod, Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, as well as coastal Maine, Newport, and the green mountains of Vermont are great getaways that are close enough to visit in the planning stages of your wedding, yet offer a unique […]


HOME, Eye and Ear Candy.

I just LOVE this video by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. So much visual inspiration! ~Zofia

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Lifestyle Portrait Sessions

When I get asked to photograph a portrait, the client usually asks for a posed photo of their family on the dunes in front of the lighthouse. That’s all great and dandy, for tradition’s sake, but what they love and order prints of are the lifestyle images. Those images that show their kids’ personalities, that […]


Anatomy of a Cohesive Blog Design

As someone who customizes blogs and websites, I’ve seen some bad moves. Here are my pet peeves, and how to change them for the prettier. Let’s start with the basic, run of the mill, standard template. Chances are you have a header image or text in a box, you have a couple columns, a body […]

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ShootStyle Model Shoot at Mystic 5

Walter Van Dusen’s annual winter get-together held in Mystic, CT is one of the bestest venues for photographer education and mingling in New England. It’s an event that the ShootStyle team wouldn’t miss for the world. This year, we arrived a day early to practice with some models and fellow playmates¬†Erin Chapman, Kate McElwee,¬†Carol Savage, […]


Tomato, Tomahto, Two Approaches to the Same Day

ShootStylers Stacey Doyle and Michelle Turner could not have more different styles of approaching and photographing a wedding day if they tried. Stacey and Michelle showcased their differences at this year’s Mystic event, presented by Walter van Dusen. Mystic is an annual learning and networking event held in CT. We ShootStylers sat front row to […]


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