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Announcing the Portraits with Panache Workshop in Manchester, NH!

While wedding days are filled with exciting candid moments that are fun to capture, sometimes the portraits can be more of a challenge.

In this workshop, ShootStyle members will take you through their favorite methods for creating great portraits. With a strong emphasis on composition and posing, workshop attendees will benefit from clear classroom instruction with specific examples and techniques that are proven in the real world. After the classroom portion, participants will have the chance to work with ShootStyle instructors and models (both “brides” and couples), in an interesting urban environment putting the new techniques into practice.

Participants will then have an opportunity to review the day with the instructors and other attendees. Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your portraits as the wedding and portrait season shifts into high gear!

Portraits with Panache, a workshop on composition and posing, will be held June 14, 2011 from 12-7pm at the Manchester Radisson (700 Elm Street, Manchester NH).

Click here to sign up!

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