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January 27th, 2010  |  Published in Featured, Mingle

I’ve been thinking about collaboration lately. A big part of why I am involved with ShootStyle is I feel like by collaborating with other creative artists, I am able to be much greater than I am by myself.

Last week Stacey Doyle came up to shoot a Deanne and Thorton’s wedding in Northport, Maine with me. We’ve worked together on a few weddings already, and we both love it! At some point in the wedding day, I like to wander off with the couple and find a beautiful vista or quiet little cubbyhole that illustrate the feel of the wedding venue.

Last Sunday, I turned to Stacey in the middle of this photo session at Point Lookout and asked her what she had seen for interesting locations. She had seen this bench on the way on and had made a mental note of it as a good photo location.


Once in the space, I started thinking back to Michelle Turner’s talk at Mystic on posing. Michelle is doing a posing workshop at our next Shootstyle model shoot and so it has been on my mind. I tend more towards gentle suggestions to the couple (“Go hang out over there and just talk/kiss/hang out”) but in this one location I did some actual posing, based entirely on Michelle’s concepts, guiding the couple into place.

It was fun, it’s not a ground-breaking image, but it is a nice quiet moment, brought about by three photographers.


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