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Tomato, Tomahto, Two Approaches to the Same Day

January 8th, 2010  |  Published in Featured, Mingle  |  1 Comment


ShootStylers Stacey Doyle and Michelle Turner could not have more different styles of approaching and photographing a wedding day if they tried.

Stacey and Michelle showcased their differences at this year’s Mystic event, presented by Walter van Dusen. Mystic is an annual learning and networking event held in CT. We ShootStylers sat front row to support our girls and especially Stacey as she held her first presentation.

Tomato-02Tomato-04 Tomato-03

While Michelle likes to photograph the details and portraits, Stacey is more comfortable disappearing into the background and capturing raw emotions.

To prove how their differences can work, they photographed a wedding together last month in Mexico. These 2 have clearly defined styles that their clients specifically hire them for. Throw them both together onto the same event and you get an interesting mishmash of editorial and photojournalistic styles.

Tomato-09 Tomato-07 Tomato-06

I would best describe these girls as ying and yang. Whether it’s natural light or external lighting, posing or loose suggestion, there’s no wrong way to approach a wedding so long as your client is educated about what they are to expect. Showcasing a particular style in your marketing and NOT showing what you don’t like to/want to shoot is the only way to go.


Since I personally love shooting details AND love being a wallflower, I fall somewhere in between these girls’ styles.

While I can’t sympathize with Stacey when she says details leave her “cold inside”,  I appreciate her need to not be seen and her love of the unscripted moment. Though I side with Michelle in her use of mostly natural light, her love of those details, and her use of Photoshop and textures to enhance images, I find that I’d rather skip wedding portraits all together.

Stay tuned for Michelle and Stacey to show and tell their sides of the story soon!



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