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Anatomy of a Cohesive Blog Design

February 25th, 2010  |  Published in Featured, Shoot

As someone who customizes blogs and websites, I’ve seen some bad moves. Here are my pet peeves, and how to change them for the prettier.

Let’s start with the basic, run of the mill, standard template. Chances are you have a header image or text in a box, you have a couple columns, a body with smallish images, and maybe a background image. If along the way you don’t know how to easily change any one of the elements of your blog, simply Google it!

• Your header image does NOT need to be in that double lined box. Remove it.

• If you don’t have/want an image in your header, how about your logo? You have a logo, right?

• Your blog logo, colors, and font should match or compliment your website. I mean it.

• A slideshow in your header can do a couple things. 1) It can slow down loading time. 2) It can show people a blank box while they move on and scroll down. 3) It can show lower res images that look yuck. Is that what you really want?

• Your images should fit nicely within the body of your blog. If they are too small, find a way to make them bigger. If you’re a photographer and you’re just showcasing tiny images that my good eyes can’t make out, what’s the point?

• If you’re using a background image, please oh please make it static. Scroll down and see what that background does to someone who’s not even mildly epileptic. The only thing scrolling should be the body, not the background.

• You have a profile pic on your blog. Great. Personality goes a long way, but be sure this doesn’t scare away clients. You want them to know what you look like, that you’re a real person, cool. Just make sure this pic isn’t intimidating or unflattering. Camera in hand is not necessary, unless you really do sleep with it, in which case, by all means. Or unless it’s while actually shooting a la Michelle and Stacey, of course.

• A blog that opens full screen? Really? Pourquoi?






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