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Get Your Color Right with the ColorRight Tool!

Back in the day you would shoot your event, drop off your film, and pick it up from the pro lab.  The lab would individually correct each photo to ensure accurate and consistent color.  Or so I’ve been told…

I began with digital, and one of the things that I have struggled with is how to get accurate and consistent color in the digital “darkroom”.  With the auto white balance settings of most modern cameras easily fooled by scenes with artificial light, I spent hours fiddling with the white balance sliders trying to correct for the camera’s skewed vision.  I needed something that would make color correction quick and easy.

That’s when I found the ColorRight Max tool.  The ColorRight Max disc is two tools in one.  The first tool allows you to take the white balance from a scene the way that traditional white balance tools work.  Simply take a shot with the disc held up to your camera lens, and use the shot to set the custom white balance on your camera.  Flip the ColorRight over, however, and you find a white balance target a variety of colors that allow you to choose from 8 different white balance zones to suit your preferences.

I use the ColorRight as a white balance target.  During a shoot, I leave the camera on the Auto White Balance setting.  Whenever I move into an area with different lighting, I shoot the ColorRight target.  With its quick release lanyard, it’s a cinch to take it from around my neck and move it into the frame.  It takes 5 seconds.  Then, when I’m processing the photos, I use the eyedropper tool in my RAW  processing software to select the zone in the target frame that gives me the color that I want.  Unlike other white balance tools, the different zones of the ColorRight tool allow me to process the photos with a slightly warmer than neutral skintone that I prefer.  It’s that easy!

On a portrait shoot, I ask the client to hold the ColorRight while I shoot a test frame.


Then, in my RAW processing software, I use the eyedropper tool to select from the 8 different white balance zones:


Compared to the Auto White Balance setting of my Canon camera:


At a wedding, I have to deal with multiple types of light throughout the day.  Five seconds with the ColorRight in each of these settings yields accurate, consistent color that is easy to achieve.  Where the ColorRight really shines for me is in the too-warm artificial light that you find in most household lamps.





I’m a big fan of tools that help me spend less time in front of my computer.  That means I’m a big fan of the ColoRight tool.  The one small knock I have against the tool is that it is made of thin glass, as I found out when mine shattered in my camera bag.

Despite the early demise of mine, I still wholeheartedly recommend the ColoRight Max.  I bought mine from the ColorRight website:

–Jamison Wexler

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    Thanks Jamie! Great post. I always struggle with getting believable skin tones.. Just may check this out.