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Personalize It

October 12th, 2011  |  Published in Featured, Shoot  |  2 Comments

I love weddings with details- ALL kinds of details- from ceremony seating to rings, shoes to favors, cars to flowers.  Personally, I believe that the details can really set the tone of the wedding.  After all, the style of the very first Save the Date card can tell you if the couple is planning a formal event, a vintage event, a unique event, or all of the above!  I could spend hours alone in a room with interesting details,  photographing them on reflective surfaces and then on textured surfaces, in available light and then with an off-camera strobe, and finding all kinds of different angles to show them off.

However, as much as I love having time to play with the details by themselves, I think it is also important to bring your couples into the details and “personalize them”.  At every wedding I try to take a handful of details shots that include the people in them to add variety to the detail shots and to actively incorporate them in the story of the day.

The bridal/bridesmaid details are usually the most obvious and most accessible details to personalize.  After all, most of my brides will have a handful of fabulous details and I can usually find time to photograph her with her details right after she puts on her dress:

Wedding Details


Don’t forget about the guys, though!  They may not flaunt them as much, but the groom and the groomsmen may have just as many fun details (shoes! belt buckles! flasks! flowers!) as the women.  If you guys are a little short on details, you can always incorporate them into the shots of the brides’ details.

Wedding Details

Finally, there are detail shots that give you an opportunity to include your bride and groom together:

Wedding Details

Now, many of these detail shots can be captured in a documentary fashion.  However, some of them may take a bit of finessing and planning on your part.  For example, the antique truck above was the couple’s “getaway car”.  Check out the JUST MARRIED billboard on the back!  Because of the setup and the lighting, it would have been difficult for me to get a shot of the couple climbing into the truck  with a readable sign in the background.  Although I had several photographs of the truck by itself, I wanted to get a shot of the sign (custom made for them, of course) with the bride and groom in the photograph.  I asked them to climb up and wave before they got in the truck to take off.  They were happy to comply, the crowd loved it, and I got the shot that I wanted (and in this case, needed).

Keep shooting those details, and don’t forget to personalize them!  :)


Post by Maine Wedding Photographer Michelle Turner.


About Michelle Turner

Michelle Turner has written 19 post in this blog.

Michelle is a professional wedding photographer who splits time between Maine and Puerto Vallarta.



  1. Chris Bolduc says:

    October 20th, 2011 at 6:43 pm (#)

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and expertise Michelle. You’re inspirational!!

  2. Admin says:

    October 20th, 2011 at 7:19 pm (#)

    Thanks Chris! ~Michelle

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