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Rock Your Reception Lighting 2, The Wrap Up!

March 2nd, 2011  |  Published in Featured, Shoot

Weathering impending storms and stomach bugs, we ShootStylers held our second reception lighting workshop in Worcester last week. The sold out affair was attended by a great group of photographers from New England and NY. We want to send out a HUGE thank you to all of our participants. It’s especially lovely to see repeat attendees from previous workshops of ours! We love the love!!

Each of us went over how we do our thang at wedding receptions, when the lights are low and the pressure to produce killer images is high. An informal lecture followed hours of hands on shooting and gear explanation.

Whether it’s Andree’s light on a stick twinkie technique, Jamie and Earl’s studio light bonanza, Stacey’s one light mood lighting, or Michelle’s  and my bounce-a-thon, we all manage to skin our cats our own ways and get the job done.

Joe Ciarca from Gamut Prints, the workshop’s sponsor, was on hand to display examples of his ridiculously awesome fine art prints. A big thank you to Mark Crosby for taking these behind the scenes photos!

We hope everyone had fun and we’re looking forward to seeing you all soon during our Facebook Assignment Series, social events or workshops throughout the year!

~ Zofia, Nantucket wedding photographer

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