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We at ShootStyle are group of friends committed to cultivating an interactive community of innovative wedding and portrait photographers. To that end, we write an educational blog, present photography workshops and offer a variety of social and creative outlets for that community. We facilitate connections between creative individuals at varying stages in their professional development; we believe the information that flows from this kind of sharing improves our industry as a whole. ShootStyle members benefit from being at the center of this movement personally and professionally through increased knowledge, credibility and name recognition.


What makes this island girl tick? – Witnessing the transformation of a couple’s persona from the public version into their innermost selves 
once the wedding starts and the walls are down. When your tears are a flowin’, emotions are high and laughter is all around you, Zofia is right there, in her element.


Earl Christie
Who’d've guessed that the quiet guy with the camera would make you laugh your butt off? Earl’s easygoingness helps you forget he’s even 
in the room during your day’s most intimate moments… until he drops 
the random one-liner that puts a smile on the face of everyone posed 
up for that one last formal shot mom wants.


Stacey Doyle
Stacey’s just got a nack for the getting: getting the subtle look that passes between the two of you, getting that grin that first starts in 
your eyes then bursts out as an infectious laugh, getting the caring touch of a your hand on the small of the another’s back. Got it? Good.


Michelle Randolph Turner
Michelle’s couples aren’t afraid to break with tradition and blaze their own trails–paths which often require a passport. Tell Michelle your quirkiest moments rather than your most romantic and she’ll create images of you that ooze passion and connectedness and maybe even raise an eyebrow or two.


Jamison Wexler
To this southern boy, a wedding day is like a backstage pass into his couples lives. Jamie treats you like a rock star by being there to   
capture the your joy, life, and laughter. After he’s captured your album-cover pose is checking your photo on the back of his camera, be prepared for his hallmark refrain, “That kicks ass!”


Andree Kehn
You know those funky, slightly eccentric types who love people and love to laugh? Then you know Andree. She’ll not only capture the quiet personal moments of your day, but also the crazy group dynamics that 
make your friends and family dear to you. When your hear Andree’s 
laugh on your dance floor, well, that’s a very good sign indeed.


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