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Happy Holidays!!

December 22nd, 2010  |  Published in Featured, Style

What are you doing online!? Get out there and chug down a big glass of holiday cheer! You deserve it. You’ve worked hard this year, so now it’s time to kick off those work shoes, lean back and sigh big happy relaxing sighs.

And if someone says you can’t stop now, tell them ShootStyle said you had the holiday off!

Many thanks from the ShootStyle gang for coming by and reading, sharing, coming out to play and just for being a great you. We <3 you all!!

With that, go forth and be merry!

Speaking of all this merriment & joy, what is your favorite part of the holidays? Feel free to share in the comments a beloved tradition, a fav cookie recipe, even the quirkiest holiday gift you’ve ever received. We’d love to share with you!

Happy happy!!

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