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Shoot What Matters, Take Your Time

June 1st, 2011  |  Published in Featured, Style

I knew in hiring my favorite photographer for my own wedding a couple weeks ago, that I would not be disappointed in the outcome. I’m a huge fan of her style. That’s a severe understatement. I knew that I could trust her to do her job, to do it professionally, to not need direction, and to wow us.

She photographed me in angles I’ve never seen of myself, that are so similar to old images of my grandmother. She made special care to capture every detail that we spent so much time and energy on, collecting in antique shops and having custom made. She forever froze moments of my daughter and I that I know she will absolutely cherish and pass down to her own children. She photographed my handsome husband in the way I want to remember him when we’re old and gray.

The most important thing that she did was capture the day the way that I truly remember it, and beautifully. She took her time with us during the portraits and made us feel at ease. We would have held our breath and stood on our heads, had she asked.

What was reinforced to me as photographer, by being the bride on my wedding day, was that we really need to remember to photograph what’s important. Don’t skimp the details just because you’re a photojournalist, they are part of the story. Your couples have worked very hard to get everything in place, sometimes shopping and DIYing for a year or more. (Ask them what’s important – in my pre-wedding questionnaire, I ask my couples to tell me if any jewelry, etc has been passed down and anything out of the ordinary that I may not know about.) And if you’re an editorial photographer, don’t go nuts on details and portraits alone, you’re not shooting for the inspiration blogs, you’re shooting for the couple, for their family and for historical posterity.

Your goals as a photographer should to make the couple cry when they see the photos, out of happiness. To allow them to relive their day over and over. To see themselves just as beautiful as they were.

Here we are, the ShootStylers and our friend Kristin, taken by New York photographer Angelica Glass at my wedding. I love them. To see many many more amazing photos from my wedding day, go to Angelica’s blog here : Zofia and Mark’s Wedding


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