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The Quintessential Nantucket Wedding

December 30th, 2009  |  Published in Featured, Style

Sure, there are times when going off the beaten path is necessary, when breaking molds and traditions is required and desired, but not so in a quintessential Nantucket wedding.


My perfect recipe for a Nantucket wedding is as follows:

•1-250 guests- any more and they’ll be camping on the beach until the beach patrol finds them. Elopements are a plenty on Nantucket. It’s a great destination for couples looking to sneak away onto a sandy beach with no one but the officiant, the photographer, and a few seagulls and seals as witnesses.

•The gown. Think beach casual. Think flowy. Think about walking around in a huge ball gown and diamond encrusted heels in the sand and do the opposite.


•The shoes. Manolo, Jimi Choo, Dolce and Gabana, it makes no difference, so long as you bring a spare pair of flip flops or flats. We love our cobblestones, grassy lawns and beaches, but your ankles may not.

•Bridesmaids. A cocktail dress, tea-length in an organza or silk in navy, pink, or green, complimented with simple nautical jewelry and worn with embellished sandals, is classic and so easy to wear.

•Menswear. This part is fun. Nothing too formal. You won’t find many a tux out on the island. We’re talking Nantucket Reds, yellow pants, khakis, seersuckers, blue blazers, Vineyard Vines ties and bowties with crabs, lobsters or whales. Go nuts! Men’s shoes are topsides, boat shoes, dockers or flip flops.

•The flowers. Hydrangeas are a staple. Mix them up with peonies, white roses, throw in some color and you’re well on your way. A simple ribbon of navy, pink or white around the base adds a pretty and perfectly preppy touch. But leave this part to a professional, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what a little inspiration can do.


•Table tops. Nantucket Lightship baskets, seashells, starfish, seersuckers, a nautical color theme is a must.

•The cake. Basketweave, white chocolate seashells, sailors’ knots, cupcakes, complimented with hydrangea are the way to go. Simple, classic and pretty.

• The music. A cellist or a small trio for the ceremony, a small band for cocktail hour. Whatever your flavor is, you’ll want to hire a good band if you wanna see grandma shake her stuff. Get the crowd crazy before they’re sent to tear it up downtown post-reception.



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