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July 14th, 2010  |  Published in Featured, Style


What is this Twitter thing all about? Some people are still asking that question, and with good reason.
On the surface, it just looks like another computerized internet time suck. And it can be, if you aren’t careful.

Much like any of the other networking-type sites out there, from Facebook to profession specific forums, you’ve got to be sure that you are using the site as a tool to help streamline or bring in business, not just flush productive time down the intra-webs commode.

I am not claiming to be a Twitter expert, not by a long shot. Therefore, I will not write about how one can gain more followers, how you can create business from Twitter. Sure, I have had my fair share of great connections and jobs that have come from Twitter and therefore do not see it as a waste or a novelty. But others have written far superior pieces on the techniques you can take to gain biz & influence those in your Twitter Stream.

Examples of these would be Twitter tips for bloggers by @ProBlogger and Twitterquette via TwitterTips.org

I will say, it’s an honest to goodness great way to connect with others in your professional circle and in turn connect with their circle. Quickly and easily, literally with the click of the ‘follow’ button.

But following a whole bunch of folks does not a true and lucrative connection make. Twitter is more than just a ticker of info, sports updates and embarrassing quotes from the wee hours of your party night. Twitter is meant to be interactive, if you truly want to expand your network.

You have the opportunity to showcase your talents, your thoughts, your offerings to the Twitterverse. However, to be the one that constantly says ‘Look what I can do’ will annoy your fellow Twits.

How to combat that? Aim to share.

In the Twitter world, that means RT (ReTweet). If someone you follow tweets about an exciting new workshop or informative blog post, RT it! Retweeting goes a long way in forging solid connections within Twitter.

Find interesting articles based on your profession of choice, inspirational posts, fun quotes, and link to them.
While some accounts are based strictly on talking business, the way I use my account is to post a bit of everything. I love to share great blog posts by other photographers & artists, as well as links to YouTube videos & other creative sites that may add a spark of inspiration to some one’s day.

If you come from a place of sharing, others in turn will share for you. It’s the whole ‘if you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours’ approach.

And in this world of high tech connections & Twitter terminology, it’s nice to be a part of that sharing circle.

You could make it all about your celebrity obsessions or you could follow those that you admire in your field or those that inspire you and create your own custom community. It’s a very quick way to compile a network of folks from far or near, whose advice & expertise you may admire, possibly aspiring to one day emulate.

Those you may not have fathomed would ever speak to you through average communication avenues may now tweet you back and say ‘hi.’ A personal example, one of my most favorite artists, @BrianAndreas of @StoryPeople ‘spoke’ to me one day after I RT one of his posts. It sent my heart a twitter (ahem) and most certainly made me an even bigger fan just because he took a few seconds to ‘tweet me’ back.

You have no idea who is following you, you have no idea who is reading what you tweet. This may sound like a precursor to a scary stalker film. Alas no, nothing so sinister. I like to view Twitter as a place of possibility, of potential, and of sharing. In 140 characters or less.

RT @ShootStyle: If you follow me on Twitter, b sure 2 say ‘HI’. Would luv 2 know u r out there! @staceydoyle

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