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October 31st, 2011  |  Published in Featured, Style

The veil: that billowy gauzy fabric atop of some brides heads: some of us love them, some of us, not so much. I personally love veils of all kind; however my most favorite are long veils worn on very windy days ;)

We have all seen a variety of veils: cathedral length, fingertip length and the ever popular birdcage veil. But how did the veil find it’s way into the bridal accessories? What were it’s origins?

Some say Rome was were the veil was introduced, being used to conceal a bride’s features and confuse evil spirits. I didn’t really read anywhere why evil spirits may have been in hot pursuit of these brides, I can only assume they came to let them know that the strapless gown fad is over.

Others say the veil was there to prove the bride’s purity and to protect her from the evil eye, which was obviously being thrown by the crazy ex-girlfriend.

What made most sense to me was the idea that the veil was in place during an arranged marriage. The bride’s features were only revealed to the willing groom after the ‘I do’ deed was done, preventing him from backing out ahead of time.

These days, like most details picked out for a wedding, it’s pretty much do as you like. I love love the trend of different colored wedding gowns & choosing a veil that either compliments or matches the gown shade you’ve chosen.
Go bold, go different, go with what you like.

If you’ve always dreamt of wearing a floor length veil following behind you on your day like a little mini-me, do it! If you can’t shake the idea of adding a hot-pink birdcage veil to your ensem’ – go for it! Veils, like shoes and purses, flowers and jewels, are there to add to your look & to show off a little slice of your personality.
And, if the whole idea of a veil fills you with the ick, don’t wear one. I don’t think the evil spirits will mind one bit ;)

Happy accessorizing!



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