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Destination Weddings Part Two: Backup and Storage on the Road

July 6th, 2011  |  by  |  published in Featured, Shoot

We have important jobs.  No, we’re not saving the world, but we are creating images that will be treasured forever from a once-in-a-lifetime event.  Hopefully you all have a wonderful backup solution for your files at home.  But with all of the natural disasters in the news, do you have an off-site backup?  And what if you are traveling?  How will you backup your files while you are on the road, especially if shipping the images somewhere is impossible or undesirable?  May is the end of my destination wedding season and I’m on the road again this month (on vacation this time– hiking in the Alps!), so this issue is buzzing around my brain more than usual. It would be devastating to lose the thousand or so (yes, you read that number correctly) family photographs that I have taken (so far!) from theft, computer damage, camera damage, etc, and I don’t want to lose any changes that I have made to my clients’ images, either (although those are safely archived at home).

Here is my strategy for dealing with backups and storage while photographing destination weddings (or while I’m on vacation!):

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